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Olly Alexander

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Trusted Coach & Transformative Life Coach

"My GIFT is to be YOUR GUIDE" Olly Alexander MA PhD

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We will explore your inner world of core values, beliefs, and assumptions in order to use the obstacles that seem to be holding you back in life to your advantage and create greater possibilities for ways of being.

Life is too short to feel unhappy, stuck, or lack meaning. Let me guide you, help you learn and BE different so that you can create your world. Your goals will become aligned with your unique talents, bringing expanded awareness and clarity to your personal goals, your relationships, your work, and your chosen life purpose. You will experience a deep transformation and character shift on your journey to personal enlightenment.

The coaching process will provide you with priceless learned skills and the mindset that will enable you to become your own best coach. Your energy will flow effortlessly.

Get in touch today to see what we can achieve together, every step of the way.

I offer: Transformative Life Coaching, Transformational Coaching, Transformation Coaching, Transformative Coaching, Transformational Life coaching, Life CoachingPersonal CoachingPositive Psychology CoachingRecovery Coaching, Addiction Coaching, Workaholism Coaching, Trauma Informed Coaching

I coach in person in and around London, UK and on Zoom Worldwide.

Book a free discovery call with me on Zoom.

I have just posted my new blog "The Ultimate Guide to Transformative Life Coaching."

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 Podcast coming soon on all topics related to Transformative Life Coaching and awakening.

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“Change your thoughts and you change your world”

Norman Vincent Peale

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The Power of Now Animated Summary

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Anthony De Mello- What You Need to Know Part 1

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Anthony De Mello- What You Need to Know Part 2

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